Gender & Diversity: Integrating Inclusivity from Innovation to Deployment (An Equality Initiative Event)

Location: Gerbera Room, Mulia Resort, Bali
Date and Time: May 17th, 8 – 9 AM Central Indonesia Time (WITA)

The “Gender & Diversity: Integrating Inclusivity from Innovation to Deployment” event, the first joint Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) and Mission Innovation (MI) session, was held at the Mulia Resort in Bali as part of the CEM Senior Officials’ Meeting and MI Annual Gathering. This session brought together key stakeholders to discuss the integration of gender equality, diversity, and inclusivity (GEDI) in energy transitions, aiming to raise awareness, share experiences, and develop actionable strategies for mainstreaming GEDI principles across the CEM and MI portfolios.

Introduction and Welcome Remarks

Moderated by Ainslee Emerson, Senior Director at Natural Resources Canada, the session began with welcoming remarks from Mariana Espécie, Special Advisor to the Minister of Mines and Energy, Brazil. Espécie emphasized the importance of integrating GEDI into the energy sector to foster equitable and sustainable transitions, and reflected on how Brazil, during its G20 presidency, is contributing to such discussions.

Setting the Scene

Isabel Munilla, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Multilateral Engagement at the U.S. Department of Energy, set the scene by highlighting the work of the Equality in Energy Transitions Initiative. Munilla discussed the synergies between the Initiative and the broader goals of CEM and MI, stressing the need for a collective effort to advance gender equality and inclusivity.

Rapid Fire Panel Discussion

The highlight of the event was a rapid fire panel discussion, where experts shared insights and experiences on implementing GEDI principles within their respective fields across deployment to R&D, at European, international, and national levels. The panel included:

  • Mark de Figueiredo, Carbon Dioxide Removal Mission Director
  • Aleshia Duncan, CEM Nuclear Innovation: Clean Energy Future Representative
  • Barbara Kauffmann, Director for Employment and Social Governance, European Commission
  • Sabine Mitter, Energy R&D Policy Officer, Ministry for Climate Action and Energy, Austria
  • Loretta Lancellotti, International Affairs Advisor, Ministry of Energy, Chile

Each panelist provided brief insights into how integrating GEDI principles can lead to more effective and inclusive outcomes in energy innovation and deployment. They discussed challenges, successful actions, and the importance of incorporating social considerations into research design and stakeholder engagement.

Interactive Dialogue with Audience

Following the panel, an interactive dialogue session allowed the audience to engage via Mentimeter, a tool used to gather real-time feedback. Participants were asked to share their experiences with GEDI integration, the challenges they faced, and their suggestions for promoting GEDI principles in energy projects and policies. Key themes that emerged included the need for targeted funding opportunities, promoting gender parity in research teams, and the collection of gender-disaggregated data.

Concluding the Session

The Equality Initiative will be sharing the insights and strategies discussed during the event with the CEM and MI secretariats to inform future planning and actions aimed at closing the gender gap by 2030.