Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that a website stores on your computer or mobile device when you visit the site.

  • First party cookies are cookies set by the website you’re visiting. Only that website can read them. In addition, a website might potentially use external services, which also set their own cookies, known as third-party cookies.
  • Persistent cookies are cookies saved on your computer and that are not deleted automatically when you quit your browser, unlike a session cookie, which is deleted when you quit your browser.

First time you visit the website, you will be prompted to accept or refuse cookies.

The purpose is to enable the site to remember your preferences (such as user name, language, etc.) for a certain period of time.

That way, you don’t have to re-enter them when browsing around the site during the same visit.

Cookies can also be used to establish anonymised statistics about the browsing experience on our sites.

How do we use cookies?

The 3 types of first-party cookie we use are to:

  • store visitor preferences
  • make our websites operational
  • gather analytics data (about user behaviour)

Visitor preferences

These are set by us and only we can read them. They remember:

  • if you have agreed to (or refused) this site’s cookie policy
Name Service Purpose Cookie type and duration
borlabs-cookie Cookie settings Saves settings regarding cookie opt-in and accepted third party cookies First Party cookie, gets removed after 365 days or when clearing browser history/cache
wordpress_* Session cookies Checks and saves log-in status and session First Party cookie, gets deleted on log-out or session end

Third-party cookies

Some of our pages display content from external providers, e.g. YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

To view this third-party content, you first have to accept their specific terms and conditions. This includes their cookie policies, which we have no control over.

These third-party services are outside of the control of the Federal Ministry of Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology. Providers may, at any time, change their terms of service, purpose and use of cookies, etc.