Celebrating a New Year for Advancing Gender Diversity: Ambassadors’ Program Newsletter #1

Celebrating a New Year for Advancing Gender Diversity
The Equality Initiative’s Ambassadors Program is setting a strategic path forward in 2024
prioritizing action with the greatest impact to leverage a growing network of energy leaders that
champion gender diversity.


2024: The Year of Impact
Unleash the Future of the Ambassadors Program with these Exciting Updates!

Thanks to input from the Equality Initiative Ambassador Cohort, we have identified a core set of
priorities and activities for the new year.

1. Networks: expand the Ambassador program network & deepen existing connections

  • This March in Bogota, Colombia – Ambassadors in Brazil and Chile have been given an
    opportunity to engage, participate, and speak at an upcoming “Energizing Change:
    Women Shaping the Future of Latin American Energy Event.”
  • This fall the Clean Energy Ministerial will be hosted in Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil. We hope to
    feature our Ambassadors and invite the cohort to engage in event(s).

2. Best Practice: share existing best practice & develop new tools

  • The Program will launch an interview series in 2024 featuring Ambassadors that provides
    an opportunity to share their experiences, recommendations, and thought leadership on
    advancing gender diversity in energy. Stay tuned to learn more!

3. Policy and Action: utilize varied approaches to close the gender gap

  • The Ambassadors Program calls on the cohort to join the Equal by 30 Campaign and
    share the campaign with your network.
  • At a November 2023 Equality Initiative Executive Committee Meeting, members discussed
    methods to ensure energy ministries walk the talk in prioritizing diversity across their
    engagements. Stay tuned for updates!
  • The Ambassadors Program is developing a communications strategy to engage with youth
    under the age of 10 to promote interests in STEM. We look forward to sharing future
    opportunities with the Cohort.


Call to Action – Join the Equal by 30 Campaign
Equal by 30 is a commitment by public and private sector organizations to work towards equal
pay, equal leadership and equal opportunities for women, and other marginalized groups, in the
clean energy sector by 2030.
This campaign signals your commitment to taking steps to advance gender equality, diversity,
and inclusion in your organization. Officials at all levels, from policy and program leads, to
Ministers, play a critical role in promoting and helping to achieve the goals of Equal by 30 and
building momentum towards meaningful global change. This is an opportunity to lead by
example, providing a platform to share your success, work with industry and partners to make
change, and help others learn from your experiences.


SPOTLIGHTS – Australia, Brazil, & the UK

New Signatories to the Equal by 30 Campaign
Australia’s Equality Ambassadors Raising Ambitions

We are delighted to report that in 2023 Australia’s three energy market bodies formalized
their commitment to advancing gender equality, with the Australian Energy Market
Operator (AEMO), Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) and the Australian
Energy Regulator (AER) all becoming signatories to the Equal by 30 campaign.

Since 2021, AEMO’s overall female representation has increased from 32% to 40%,
hitting our 2025 target earlier than anticipated. A number of factors have contributed to this
achievement, including: a new three-year DE&I Strategy; accelerated workforce growth
between 2021 and 2023; women now comprising 50% of the Executive Leadership Team;
an all-female graduate intake in 2022; increased investment in targeted development
programs for women and a workplace culture that is becoming increasingly more

In future newsletters we will highlight the great things the AEMC and AER are also doing
to be Equal by 30.

[Nicola Falcon, AEMO GM Victorian Planning and Connections and Equality Initiative
Ambassador; Anna Collyer, AEMC Chair and Equality Initiative Ambassador; Clare
Savage, AER Chair]

Walking the Talk for Gender Diversity
Brazilian Electricity Regulatory Agency

In 2023, the Agency underwent a comprehensive restructuring, with a pivotal focus on
advancing the acknowledgment and promotion of the invaluable contributions made by
women at ANEEL. A central aspect of this transformative initiative was the deliberate effort
to ensure gender parity in leadership roles, culminating in the successful establishment of
equal representation between men and women in key positions.

Complementing this milestone, an exclusive training program was implemented to
cultivate and empower female leaders within the organization. This initiative aimed not
only to foster professional growth but also to fortify the commitment to gender equity and

In tandem with these efforts, the ANEEL Diversity Committee was inaugurated,
underscoring the Agency’s dedication to institutionalizing those practices. This committee
is dedicated to crafting internal policies and implementing literacy initiatives that advocate
for gender equity and diversity. Through these strategic actions, ANEEL is actively shaping
a workplace culture that champions inclusivity and equality.

[Agnes da Costa, Director, ANEEL and Equality Initiative Ambassador]

The Role of Women in Driving a Just Energy Transition
COP28 Event Highlight

At COP28 the UK Ambassadors and UK Department for Energy Security and Net Zero
hosted a panel discussion exploring the leadership role of women in delivering the energy
transition. Panelists shared their personal reflections on how they have approached
improving female leadership in their organizations,
building the talent pipeline and engaging in effective mentoring. To find out more about the
session, including a link to the recording, contact UK Ambassador Tania Kumar.

[Tania Kumar, Deputy Director of Decarbonization, CBI and Equality Initiative

New Reports on Gender Equality: Progress and Barriers
UK’s POWERful Women Initiative

On 15th November, the UK’s Department of Energy Security and Net Zero and the
Equality Initiative Secretariat organized an international Networking Event showcasing
different DEI organizations in the UK. Jo Coleman, Equality Initiative and POWERful
Women Ambassador presented on POWERful Women’s recently published reports.

Check out this blog post on the November Equality Initiative meetings and events held in

[Jo Coleman, Director, Board Member, and Consultant at GDFE Services LTD, Equality
Initiative Ambassador, and POWERful Women Ambassador]

  • The Annual State of the Nation reports on the number of women in board roles, leadership and
    middle management within the top 80 UK energy companies in the UK.
  • A new Insight Piece published by POWERful Women for National Inclusion Week lists the top
    three reasons for leaving cited by the women who shared their stories.
  • The Net Zero Race report which reveals the benefits of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in
    progressing towards net zero.


Newsletter produced by Ambassadors Program Manager, Leah Bordlee