International Ambassadors Program

Equality Initiative Ambassador:
Valerie Reif (she/her)

Valerie Reif (she/her) Ambassador Austria

2022 - 2024
Research Associate, Florence School of Regulation

Why advancing Women in Energy is so important

A university teacher of mine once said, “The energy concepts of the future require two things: a fortune-teller and a magician.” We have a much better chance of finding both if we consider both female and male talents.

Energy Field

  • Renewable Energy Sources
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Electricity Infrastructure Regulations and Markets
  • EU Policy and Regulation


  • Non-University Research


  • English
  • German
  • Italian
  • French
  • Czech

I'm offering the following support for the Equality Initiative

  • Promote the Equal by 30 Campaign
  • Organize the Equality Initiative events, policy circles and/or locally arranged small group meetings
  • Participate in Equality Initiative events held internationally (virtual options included)

I'm offering the following support to female students and professionals transitioning to or starting out in the clean energy field

  • Offer or promote internships, scholarships, fellowships, or job shadowing opportunities
  • Share how to gain experience and increase leadership in their sector, and/or
  • Provide advice to early career professionals on finding, applying, and receiving job offers or how to "move up" in clean energy