International Ambassadors Program

Equality Initiative Ambassador:
Hemma Bieser (she/her)

Hemma Bieser (she/her) Ambassador Austria

2022 - 2024
Managing Director, OurPower

Why advancing Women in Energy is so important

The energy transition is a major joint project and can only succeed if we join forces and all of us actively shape it. The expansion of renewable energies is leading to the decentralization and democratization of energy systems. Digital technologies are opening up opportunities for completely new business models. New jobs and role models are emerging in diverse fields such as green entrepreneurship, community management, research and innovation in social science. As an Embassador, I want to support women who are breaking new ground as leaders in the energy industry and thus advancing the energy transition.

Energy Field

  • Renewable Energy Sources
  • Energy Efficiency


  • Business Enterprise
  • Consultant


  • English
  • German

I'm offering the following support for the Equality Initiative

  • Provide information on gender policies or data on the participation of women in their workplace
  • Promote the Equal by 30 Campaign
  • Promote Equality Initiative Awards opportunities
  • Participate in the review and winner selection process of the Equality Initiative Awards
  • Communicate about events or achievements on Equality Initiativeʼs social media, write blogs and website
  • Champion The Equality Initiative by speaking publicly and privately
  • Participate in Equality Initiative events held internationally (virtual options included)

I'm offering the following support to female students and professionals transitioning to or starting out in the clean energy field

  • Launch a networking or a matching/mentorship program through a virtual platform
  • Offer or promote internships, scholarships, fellowships, or job shadowing opportunities
  • Collect and share information on best practices
  • Share how to gain experience and increase leadership in their sector, and/or
  • Provide advice to early career professionals on finding, applying, and receiving job offers or how to "move up" in clean energy