International Ambassadors Program

Equality Initiative Ambassador:
Christine Materazzi-Wagner

Portrait Christine Materazzi-Wagner, (c) Wilke 2019

Christine Materazzi-Wagner Ambassador Austria

2020 - 2022
Director Electricity, E-Control
Photo Credits: Portrait Christine Materazzi-Wagner, (c) Wilke 2019

Why advancing Women in Energy is so important

Energy, especially electricity, is a core component of our daily life – be it for business or private. Hence, the female half of the world needs to take its part and responsibility in shaping this important area. I consider the low share of women in technical disciplines to be an issue of mindset, not missing talent. By adapting the framework, strengthening leadership qualities and
backing careers the number of women in the energy sector will increase.


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Energy Field

  • Renewable Energy Sources
  • Other Power and Storage Technologies
  • Fossil Fuels
  • Cross-Cutting Technologies


  • Public Management


  • English
  • German

I'm offering the following support for the Equality Initiative

  • Promote C3E International Awards opportunities
  • Promote the Equal by 30 Campaign
  • Champion C3E International by speaking publicly and privately

I'm offering the following support to female students and professionals transitioning to or starting out in the clean energy field

  • Collect and share information on best practices
  • Share how to gain experience and increase leadership in their sector, and/or