International Ambassadors Program

Equality Initiative Ambassador:
Carolina Isabel Gómez Agurto

Carolina Isabel Gómez Agurto Ambassador Chile

2020 - 2022
Professional of the Environmental and Climate Change Division, Ministry of Energy

Why advancing Women in Energy is so important

The energy is one of the key sectors to provide development and welfare to people and it is also one of the sectors that contributes the most to climate change, thereby there is still much to continue advancing, and women have a lot to contribute. Because a historical and cultural role, women have been who take care of people and their environment, that is why we have a greater awareness of the common good and care for the planet. That is why – in adition to our talent, creative and commitment – is very important and urgent to promote more women to energy sector, in all areas, but especially in in decision-making areas.

Energy Field

  • Renewable Energy Sources
  • Hydrogen and Fuel Cells
  • Fossil Fuels
  • Environmental standards
  • National Gender and Climate Change Table


  • Public Management
  • Government: Ministry of Energy


  • English
  • Spanish

I'm offering the following support for the Equality Initiative

  • Promote C3E International Awards opportunities
  • Participate in the review and winner selection process of the C3E International Awards
  • Communicate about events or achievements on C3E International’s social media, write blogs and website
  • Provide information on gender policies or data on the participation of women in their workplace
  • Promote the Equal by 30 Campaign
  • Organize C3E International regional events, policy circles and/or locally arranged small group meetings

I'm offering the following support to female students and professionals transitioning to or starting out in the clean energy field

  • Launch a networking or a matching/mentorship program through a virtual platform
  • Collect and share information on best practices
  • Share how to gain experience and increase leadership in their sector, and/or
  • Promote "Energía mas Mujer" program into energy research centers