International Ambassadors Program

Equality Initiative Ambassador:
Lyu Fang

Lyu Fang, C3E International Ambassador China

Lyu Fang Ambassador China

2020 - 2022
Senior Engineer & Secretary-General, Electrical Engineering Institute, Chinese Academy of Science
Photo Credits: Lyu Fang, C3E International Ambassador China

Why advancing Women in Energy is so important

C3E brings together the world’s best and elite women in the field of clean energy, and is sure to support and inspire each other to form a joint and interactive force.

Energy Field

  • Renewable Energy Sources
  • Energy Efficiency


  • Business Enterprise
  • Non-University Research
  • Non-profit Organization


  • Chinese (Mandarin)
  • English

I'm offering the following support for the Equality Initiative

  • Promote C3E International Awards opportunities
  • Participate in the review and winner selection process of the C3E International Awards
  • Communicate about events or achievements on C3E International’s social media, write blogs and website
  • Provide information on gender policies or data on the participation of women in their workplace
  • Promote the Equal by 30 Campaign
  • Recruit new signatories for the Equal by 30 Campaign
  • Champion C3E International by speaking publicly and privately
  • Organize C3E International regional events, policy circles and/or locally arranged small group meetings

I'm offering the following support to female students and professionals transitioning to or starting out in the clean energy field

  • Launch a networking or a matching/mentorship program through a virtual platform
  • Offer or promote internships, scholarships, fellowships, or job shadowing opportunities
  • Provide advice on job applications or how to get into or rise in clean energy
  • Collect and share information on best practices
  • Share how to gain experience and increase leadership in their sector, and/or
  • Develop a career toolkit or other useful resource.